【2020/11/21-22】SAKE Future Summit2020 #futureofsake


SAKE Future Summit2020

“海外の日本酒愛好家たちの間で噂のポッドキャスト「SAKE ON AIR」の特別企画【SAKE Future Summit2020】が11/21・22に開催されます。

November 21-22 (Sat & Sun)
All weekend long
(Japan local time)

Lessons from the Past
Questions for the Present
Exploration of the Future

Sake Future Summit 2020 is a chance to bring the global dialogue about sake and shochu together in one place for one inspiring weekend celebrating these incredible drinks.

The beverages’ hyper-local connection to their region’s traditions, agriculture, livelihood of the people and local resources are second to none. At the same time, these still relatively small industries are poised to explode across an increasingly curious global food and beverage market in a way that is set to transform the ways in which the world accesses and enjoys both sake and shochu.

Join us as the world’s industry leaders, creative thinkers and adventurous spirits explore how sake and shochu have, and will continue, to reshape our relationships with food, beverage, nature, agriculture, health, local and global economies, and possibly even one another.


地元信州の宮坂酒造の宮坂さんも出演予定!podcast「SAKE ON AIR」も聞き応え抜群です。

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